5 Best Hidden And Useful Features Of Microsoft Word

5 Best Hidden And Useful Features Of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a great software. Everyone uses it and is well aware of its usefulness.

Although everyone uses Microsoft Word, but there are some inbuilt features in it that very few people will know about and with their help, a lot of work can be done. If you also use Microsoft Word, then in this post today I will tell you about some of its great features, which you hardly know about and which are very useful for you.

So let’s start friends and know about some hidden and useful features of Microsoft Word.

Some Hidden And Useful Features of Microsoft Word

Right Anywhere In The Page

If you want to write anything anywhere in MS Word, then double-click on that place and start typing. MS Word will start acting like a whiteboard.

Changing the Case of Sentence

Uppercase and Lowercase i.e. Capital Letters and Small Letters. If you select an English word and press Shift+F3, that sentence will alternately change to Uppercase, Lowercase and Camlecase (the first letter is capitalized).

Select The Text Fastly

If you triple-click, the entire text will be selected. If you click anywhere by pressing CTRL button then the whole sentence will be selected.

The most interesting thing is that if you drag the mouse by pressing the ALT button, the text in a rectangular shape will be selected. You can easily change its color or formatting.

Get to the point of change

If you’re working on a large Word document and need to quickly get to the places where you edited the document, keep pressing Shift+F5. You will reach all those places.

Spell Checking Shortcut

The spell checking feature is also a nice feature of Microsoft Word. Users who make mistakes in writing can check their mistakes and rectify their mistakes with the help of this feature. To check spelling, press the F7 key on your keyboard. After this the wrong words will be highlighted in front of you and then you can correct them.

With the help of all these features of Microsoft Word, the work of the users is easy and they are very helpful for you. Apart from this, you can refer to Microsoft’s course to know about other useful features of Microsoft Word.

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