Google AMP Review, How To Use, Advantages, Disadvantages, Setup


Google AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. We will know everything related to AMP here.

What is Google AMP, how to use it, advantages and disadvantages of using it, is AMP an important factor for SEO, should we use it. Read this article completely to know about Google AMP.

What is Google AMP?

The full form of AMP is Accelerated Mobile Page. It is an open source framework, with the help of which we increase the loading speed of our website and make it mobile friendly.

It makes the loading speed of the pages of the website very fast, so that the largest and most complex content can be easily delivered to the users. With its help, the pages are loaded instantly.

How to setup Google AMP?

If you are a WordPress user then setting up the app is very easy for you. You can do this by simply installing a plugin.

You go to your plugin section and click on Add New. Now search AMP on the search box. You will see the AMP plugin at the top, install it and activate it. Click here for detailed AMP plugin setup.

If you use newspaper theme then you do not need to use any plugin. The option to setup amp is given by Newspaper Theme, from there you will be able to setup AMP.

How does Google AMP work?

Google’s AMP Cache is a distribution network that is proxy-based, used to distribute all valid AMP documents. This amp transmits html pages, then caches them, and then automatically improves their page performance.

When using this amp cache, the document containing all its JS files and images will load from the same origin using HTTP 2.0 for the most efficiency.

Google AMP loads very fast because AMP blocks JavaScript, Html/CSS which reduce page speed in mobile. AMP pages are automatically cached by Google and the main search results are loaded quickly.

Is Google AMP SEO Factor?

As we told AMP optimizes our website in such a way that our website loads fast. Let us tell you that google amp is not a SEO factor nor does it make our website an authority.

But page loading speed is a very important SEO factor. The better the speed of the website, its effect will be in the ranking of the website.
In this way google amp is indirectly SEO factor.

How to do AMP test?

After setting up the amp, you have to test the amp so that it can be found that your website is amp optimized.

Click on this link to take AMP test. Now enter the URL of the website in the search box and click on run test. It will take about 2 minutes.

If you get the message of Not Amp page then it means that your website is not amp optimized, AMP is not activated. For this you have to setup the amp again and then repeat the amp test.

If you get the message of ‘AMP Page’ in the result, it means that your site is AMP optimized.
The AMP website is another way to find out. You enter the url of your site in Google Chrome, if in the result you have Zigzag sign next to the site, then AMP is activated in your website.

How does Google AMP increase website traffic?

As we have discussed, indirectly is the ranking factor. After Amp is activated, your site ranks above on the search result. The better the ranking of the site, the more traffic will increase. In this way Amp increases the traffic of the site.

Suppose you have written an article on the topic “AMP Review in Hindi” and your competitor has also written content on the same topic.

Now the amp is activated on your site and it is not on your competitor’s site. Now when a user searches this query, then your post will rank above his post. In this way you get the benefit of the amp and more traffic comes.

If a user’s network is slow, then Google gives you preference to amp activate site on search results.

Advantages of AMP in Google News

AMP has a very important role in Google News. News website publishes 200-300 articles daily. And the news gets old in about 2-3 hours. In such a situation, amp is very important for more traffic and high ranking in less time.

Let us tell you that according to the report, Google increases the CTR by 600 percent.

Which sites should use Amp?

You should use google amp carefully. If your website is Technology, Travel, Food, SEO, Blogging, Finance, Sports, or Micro Niche blog then AMP should not be used.

Because putting Amp in these sites will cause your loss. We will talk about this later.
But if you run a news website then you amp will be the perfect option for you.

When should you use AMP?

  1. Your page load speed is very low.
  2. When the majority of the traffic to your site comes from mobile devices.
  3. The bounce rate of your site is high.
  4. Quality score and page experience is very less.
  5. To increase the CTR (click through rate) of your website.

Benefits of using Google AMP


AMP optimized website ranks higher on Google search results.

SEO factor

AMP increases site speed and speed is an important SEO factor.


The traffic on the amp optimized site increases because ranking only increases the traffic.


Using AMP on the website increases CTR.

Bounce Rate

Due to the good load speed of the page, the bounce rate decreases.

Disadvantages of using AMP

As we mentioned amp blocks some JavaScript and HTML but because of that the real content of our site does not reach the users.

Using Amp spoils the customized theme design of your website and the look is also not good. Although you can correct by editing but it is very difficult for a beginner to do so.

The third biggest problem is that the ads of AdSense which are shown on our website are loaded later, before the content gets loaded. Due to which our revenue is affected.

So this was the detailed review of Google AMP. We hope now there are no doubts related to the amp.

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