How To Get Google Adsense Approval With A New Blog Or Website

Google Adsense is one of the best ad network to monetize your blog or website. It is much better than any other advertising programs. It offers highest CTR for every web page.

Every new blogger or webmaster has a dream to monetize his website or blog with this advertising program. But unfortunately, many of them fail. So I have prepared this article for you, here i am sharing 7 tips, which will help you to get 100% google adsense approval. I have also approved my google adsense with this tricks.

You do not have to follow many tips or guidelines. I will tell you just 7 tips that can make your adsense approve.

Top 7 Essential Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval

1. Website should be 1-2 week old

Your website or blog should be 1-2 week old. Many people create blogs by buying domain and hosting, and apply for adsense in 1-2 days or immediately. You should not do this at all and apply for google adsense only after the website is 1-2 weeks old.

2. Your Age Should Be 18+

If you are under 18 then do not apply for adsense at all. Because google does not accept application of people under the age of 18.

Adsense is approved for many people. But I will never recommend this to you. Because it has more chances of adsense being rejected.

3. Must be at least 10-20 articles

Your blog or website should contain at least 10-20 quality content articles. Compared to a website, there is more problem in applying adsense on blogs. If you do not have 10-20 articles on your blog, do not apply for adsense at all.

4. AdSense Supported Content

According to google adsense guidlines, adsense is not allowed on sites containing ,pornography, adult, mature content.

So write content on a topic that supports adsense. Applying for adsense on content which does not allow google ads is useless.

5. No Copyright Content

Google does not allow adsense ads on copyright content. So if you have copied someone’s content into your website then your adsense will not be approved. Write your own original content on your website or blog so that Google can quickly approve your adsense.

6. Make The Necessary Page

Your website or blog should have about us, contact us, privacy policy, terms and conditions etc page. If you do not have these pages on your website or blog then Google will not approve your website for adsense.

So, before applying for google adsense, make these pages on your website so that your adsense is easily approved.

7. Website Has Traffic

Website traffic is one of the most important thing, Which many people do not follow And apply for adsense with 0 traffic. And their adsense account gets disapproved.

You should apply for adsense only when there is a small (200-300 daily) traffic on your website. This is not necessary but if there is traffic on the site then adsense is easy to approve.

With this, do not buy traffic from anywhere because google does not allow it and if google knows it then your adsense can also be ban.

If you follow these 7 adsense approval tips then I am confident that your adsense will be 100% approved.

Those people who did not get respond from adsense for long time, do not follow the google adsense guidline. You should never make such mistakes and take a little time to read google adsense guidlines.

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