How to Recall Email in Gmail?

According to research by Litmus, Gmail is the No. 1 email source in the market in January 2021 with a market share of 30% with 1.5 billion active subscribers. With so many consumers, many consumers are trying to take advantage of all Gmail services.

One of the most useful of those services is to recall email.

In the words of Recall or Normal of Gmail, the service of unsend was launched by Gmail in recent years. This service proves to be a life saver when you send a wrong email.

Through today’s blog, I will tell you everything about how you can recall email in Gmail.

What is the real meaning of Recall email in Gmail?

The truth is that you cannot actually recall email in Gmail. Google allows you to unsend email but you cannot do so after email is sent. We can recall or unsend the email within a few seconds of the mail being sent. In Outlook we can completely recall email.

In Gmail, we can do email completely through Recall Confidential email option. Through Confidential Mode we can set Expiration time of any mail and in this mode we can also set Passcode. This mode also allows us to delete Access quickly, which is similar to Recall email. Just you have to send the email in Confidential Mode.

Come see how to send Confidential email in Gmail.

First of all go to Gmail and compose your email.
Click on the Confidential Mode button in the bottom right side of the Compose Box which will be like a Lock which will be with Timer.
Then set Expiration Date and Passcode.
Then click on Save.
To remove access, go to Gmail and find your email in Sent Items.
Then open your email and click on Remove Access.

How to Recall Email in Gmail?

First of all go to Gmail and compose your email.
Then send the email.
Here you will get the first opportunity to recall the email. When you send email, you see a notification under the screen that shows Sending, then you have to quickly click on Cancel Button.
If you have missed this chance, then rest assured, you will have one more notification from Gmail, on which we will see Sent written and we will also see Undo Button along with Sent, by clicking on it, the email can also be recalled.

Email needs more time to recall

Email recall service in Gmail was launched in 2018 for all accounts. But this service also has many limitations as I have mentioned earlier. The most important thing is that this service only works for a certain time, if you do not recall the email in a certain time, then your wrong email will be sent.

Google has admitted that the time to recall email has been given less, so Google has given another option to increase the time to recall email. So let’s know how we can increase the time to recall?

Go to Gmail first.
Then we have to click on the Setting button which is at the top right corner.
In the General Tab of Setting, we have to find the Undo Send section.
Then we have to select the time given there by clicking on the drop-down menu given on Undo Send, remember that the maximum time limit is 30 seconds.
I hope you all understand the Topic of Recall Email on Gmail.

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