Know why it is important for a job worker to get a separate health insurance policy

There is a health insurance policy offered by the medical insurance company to its employees, which is very useful in an accident or sudden illness. Its cover includes the employee as well as one or two members of his family.

The cost of medicines and hospital is constantly increasing and it is almost impossible for a common man or a person working in a company to meet these expenses in medical emergency. This is the reason that different companies provide medical insurance cover to their employees.

Medical insurance is a health insurance policy offered by the company to its employees, which is very useful in case of accident or sudden exposure. Its cover includes the employee as well as one or two members of his family. In some cases of hospitalization, the expenses can be clammed up.

However, the importance of medical insurance policy received by the company or its validity is as long as you are in the company. You will not get any benefit as soon as you leave the company. Meaning the day you left the company, your policy will also end on the same day.

It has been observed that many employees depend on the health insurance of the company. They do not have any personal health cover of their own. In such a situation, we can say that his and his family’s health is guaranteed as long as the person is in the job. The company will not take any responsibility after leaving the job. Even after leaving the job, if you take a new health insurance policy, then there is a problem of waiting period, where you will have to wait for one to three years to avail the policy.

During that time you and your family are insecure. If a medical emergency comes, the burden of heavy expenses will be on you. In such a situation, you may have to face financial crisis. Now the question arises as to what other options an employee has after leaving the company.

Talking about India, the simple and necessary solution for an employee is to buy a separate health insurance policy along with the company’s health insurance policy, so that when he leaves the job, the other policy will always be with him. For this, he can take personal health cover or even take family floater health insurance.

When you buy a health insurance policy for yourself or your family, you should consider several things, such as additional cover, claim settlement ratio, pre-post hospitalization expenses, etc. One such policy is Reliance Health Infinity Policy. This policy comes with a discount of up to 30% and includes treatment of Covid-19.

Talking about its other benefits, it provides the facility of emergency hospitalization anywhere in the world. Also, it includes the cost of pre-post hospitalization. Its claim settlement ratio is 100% per cent.

Apart from this, this policy also comes with additional cover and extra time facility. Meaning, if you take a cover of 10 lakhs in the Health Infinity Policy, then with this cover you will get an additional cover of 3 lakhs, which will increase your total health cover to 13 lakhs. Along with this, if you choose the policy premium for 12 months, you will get an additional benefit of one month, which will make your cover 13 months.

You can take Reliance Health Infinity Policy online on Reliance General Insurance website. You can also get health insurance cover according to the need and convenience of yourself and your family here.

A person doing a job has always been an ‘asset’ to the family. Therefore, his life and his health are most important, so that he can take care of himself as well as his family. Health insurance policy from the company has its benefits and keep in mind that these benefits will be available while you are in the company.

There is uncertainty in this type of policy. Therefore, it would be right to take a new policy for yourself from Reliance General Insurance.

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