Oppo announced its online store, let us know the launch date and other information.


Oppo is working on the launch event of its Oppo K9 Smartphone to be launched sometime. Let me tell those who do not know, this launch event is going to be held on 6 May in China. And it seems that India is also going to get a Surprise. Because Oppo is going to bring its online store for Indian users. And for this, Oppo Promotions is creating its Hype in users.

In today’s blog, we will discuss about this new Move of Oppo i.e. Oppo’s Online Store.

Oppo Online Store Launch Date

Oppo recently revealed that it is bringing its online store to India. The surprising thing is that the company has spent a lot of time in bringing the online store. Because all the competitors of Oppo companies already have online stores on which they sell all their products. Oppo relied on Offline Market to run its business till now. And Oppo has played a strong stake in the Smartphone Market in the last few years.

The company has relied heavily on Amazon and Flipkart for the needs of its digital users. Now the users who like Oppo will soon be able to buy the products of Oppo using the online store.

We will be able to see Oppo’s online store soon. Talking about its launch, the online store will be seen on May 7, a day after the launch event of Oppo’s Smartphone K9. And let us tell you that Oppo has already sold some devices through its website. Oppo’s new online store will be seen separately from the existing website.

The goal of Oppo is that through its online store, it will be able to sell its Smartphones and Accrssories in maximum quantity.

Online Store Offers

Oppo is also hosting several promotions to increase the promotion of its online store. Oppo has given users a chance to earn up to Rs 300 by participating in the event. With this, Oppo is also hosting a Lucky Draw, in which users can also win prizes. In this Lucky Draw, you can win Reno 5 Pro, Oppo A Series and Oppo Smart Band as prizes. And the winners of these awards will be named the day before the Online Store opens.

Apart from this, the company is also going to host Flash Sale, No Cost EMI, Wheel Spin for Reno 5 Pro and lots of discounts.

It seems that Oppo is working very seriously regarding the sale of its products. From the online store of Oppo, users will be able to get all the products of Oppo at one place. As such, Oppo will also benefit greatly.

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