Understanding the Implications Blockchain

By Understanding the Implications Blockchain Technology Has on the Future of Society 🚀

No Matter If You Own a Business or a Freelancer Work for Someone Else or a Student or Aren’t Working At All We All Have One Thing in Common All At Some Level Are Competing for and Trading Attention Similar to the Way We Compete And Trade Currency in Our Work Lives Public Lives and Private Lives a Lot of Things We Do Want To Do or Need to Do Involve Getting the Attention of Someone Else You Want People to Work For You Are You Trying to Hire Talent You Need to Get Their Attention First Are You Trying To Get a Job Work for Someone Else or Get Clients

You Need to Get Their Attention First You Want Someone to Join Your Social Club, You Need to Get Their Attention First You Want Someone to Donate to Your Non-Profit Attention. You Want People to Get Involved with Your Social Cause Your Church Your Frat Your Sorority Attention You’re Looking for a Boyfriend A Girlfriend or Just New Friends in General Attention You Want People to Buy Your Product Or Service Attention Nice Now That We Understand That Attention Though Intangible Can Be an Asset And Have Value in and of Itself Next Let’s Explore the Past Two Technological Revolutions So We Can Understand the Upcoming Blockchain Revolution the Internet Came Around in the Late 1990s And During That Time a Ton of Tech Companies Popped Up a Lot Went Public and Quickly Gained Valuations In the Billions of Dollars Range Likely Equivalent To Trillions These Days All Without Having Generated Revenues Without Having Any Assets or Having Viable Products and Services to Sell So Investors Knew the Internet Was Going to Be a Big Deal but It Was Unclear How It Was Going to Be Used the Tech Was Very New and Largely Undeveloped Most People Had Heard of the Internet But They Didn’t Know How to Access the Internet and a Lot of People Just Wrote It Off Saying No One Would Use It Because It Was Useless However After Enough Time Elapsed Development Happened the Industry Matured and Now It Has Vastly Changed the World and Life As We Know It Along the Way.

99 of All the Tech Startups From the 90s Failed and the Small One Percent Like Amazon Microsoft and Google Prevailed This Is Extremely Similar to Where We Are in the Crypto Markets Tons of Projects Have Raised Money Despite Not Generating Revenue Having No Assets and Having No Viable Products or Services Much Like People Not Knowing How to Access The Internet Many People Have Heard of Blockchain but They Don’t Know How to Use a Wallet To Interact with the Blockchain and Although The Evolution Between No Internet to Web One Will Be and Is Similar to Our Future Transition to Web3 Blockchain Is Not the Internet a Lot of People Don’t Understand Blockchain Because They Are Applying Internet Concepts to a Technology That Is Not the Internet Blockchain Is a Technology but Before We Jump Into Web One Internet Adoption to Future Web 3 Blockchain Adoption There Was a Second Revolution That Happened in the Mid 2000s Social Media When Facebook and Twitter Came Out No One Believed That Products and Services Would Be Sold on Them No One Believed That They Would Be Able to Generate Revenue and What Happened Less Than a Decade Later Social Media Became the Global Infrastructure of Communication Between Us All.

It’s How We All Communicate and How We Are Competing For Fighting for and Trading Our Attention And All This Attention and Communication Is Currently Centralized Between About 10 Different Platforms Like Tik Tok Linkedin Facebook Instagram Twitter Dating Apps Etc Now What People Thought Were Going to Be Useless Websites a Small Group of People Would Play Around on Has Garnered Enough Power That People Think It Could Undermine Governments Democracies and Traditional Social Structures As We Know It the Way That Social Media Changed the World Will Be Similar to How Blockchain Will Change the World Because Blockchain Will Change Not Only How We Connect and Communicate with Each Other but Also How We Transact with Each Other Verify Ownership of Assets Transfer Assets Things Will Greatly Undermine Governments Traditional Social Structures Traditional Business Structures and the Global Financial System At Large the Same Way That Hardly Anyone Used Qr Codes 10 Years Ago to Now Having to Use It to Look At a Restaurant Menu or Get on an Airplane Is the Same Way We Will Go From Hardly Anyone Using Nfts to Everyone Using Nfts and the Reason Is Simple Qr Code Is Better Technology and Consumers Will Always Choose Things That Eliminate Friction Blockchain Digital Assets and Nfts Are Better Technology It’s Just Still a Bit Early in the Development Phase the Same As the Early Internet Technology Days Which Is Great for Us Because If We Missed the 90s Tech Boom And If We Also Missed the Latest Social Media Boom We Know What We Missed We Have the History to Base

This Next Revolution Off of and If You’re Watching This Video You Now Know It’s Coming This Is Our Generational Once in a Lifetime Opportunity To Build and Invest in the New World Sure the First Iteration of Nfts Was Art in the Form of Jpegs but If You Look Back At the History of Art One of the First Major Innovations in That Industry Was the Canvas an Artist Back Then Said Art On Canvas Isn’t Real Art It’s Only Considered Art If It’s on a Building Look How Far We’ve Come Now Art Is All Kinds of Things on All Kinds of Mediums the Internet and Most Recently Blockchain and Yes Just Like with the Dawn of the Internet 99 of All the Nft Projects and Cryptocurrencies That Exist Will Go to Zero We’ve Been Talking About This Fact on the Channel for Months Now We’ve Got to Stop Asking Ourselves Which Crypto We Can Buy Now To Sell to Someone Else Later for a Higher Price It’s Not Sustainable We Need to Be Asking Ourselves Which Nft and Crypto Projects Will Become a Viable Entity That Generates Revenue By Creating Value for the World in the Form Of a Good or Service or Similar and Honestly More Importantly We Should Be Asking Ourselves How We Can Increase Our Income Streams Build Our Knowledge and Skills Monetize Ourselves By Creating Value in the World and Ultimately Getting Into Powerful Positions Before This Paradigm Shift Is in Full Swing You Can Check Out This Video Guide I Made By Clicking on the Link Above About the Few Easy Steps We Can Take to Start Getting Into These Powerful Positions for The New Emerging World Where Everyone Will Interact and Transact with Each Other Directly on The Blockchain At Full Scale Cool Let’s Explore Why the Timing Right Now Is So Perfect for Us

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