Tips to Get a Job Abroad for Freshers


Are you a fresher seeking for a job abroad? Then, it is very important for you to simplify and take consideration of certain points which are helpful for this.

Many developed countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and others require professionals for IT, marketing, software development, HR, healthcare, nursing, teachers or accountants etc. For this, they hire candidates from different countries as well.

Also the global employment market has changed over the years with global companies willing to look for and employ talent from across the world which initiates globalization. For the need and search for better pay and better quality of life, individuals are willing to move and shift to different countries.

Top companies are also willing to appoint highly educated, qualified and skilled individuals from across the globe due to the lack of highly skilled and qualified professionals in their country for the betterment and the growth of their enterprise.

Many factors like this have given a boost to the growth of international employment and the opening of jobs outside the country for professionals from various countries.

Tips to Get a Job Abroad for Freshers

Here I am giving some tips to get a Job abroad for freshers.

Attend Job fairs and walk-ins

When you join such events, you’ll be able to directly meet and get connected to employers and recruiters. Just participate in upcoming job fairs in India to land overseas. Stay on top on Facebook and LinkedIn to get recent updates of job fairs, other job webinars and walk-ins of employers in your city.

Approach a Professional Job Consultant

To land a job abroad, the candidate can approach directly with their CV or resume, so that the candidate can get a job offer from a verified professional job consultancy along with expert advice and guidance. But for this, a fixed price is required to be paid. Just go and search in your domain the top job recruiters who hire for openings abroad.

Try to get a Foreign Transfer

It is common in many firms to transfer their employees outside India. It is usual to send them abroad due to any reason. Big companies also offer their employees for visiting outside India in their international branch for an assignment or project for three-four years. By applying visa, the employee can move there and the company will bear the expenses.

Network with friends and family settled abroad for genuine Job Referrals

This can be said to as one of the best shortcut method for getting a job abroad. Try to be in contact of those people who can help you in attesting your work ethics. A recommendation letter can also be written by them and can be showed to the recruiter or can be attached to CV.

Convince them you’re worth it

This is one of the most difficult yet important tasks for you to prove yourself and tell them you’re worth the job. During a face-to-face interview, you can tell them your worth, how worthy you are and how many efforts you can put to comply all obligations, complete all your duties and tell them why you are perfect for this job.

Check out abroad openings on popular job boards and company sites

You can search for new openings which are relevant to you in the country of your choice. Depending on your caliber, interest, field and department, you can search on portals and company’s career pages. You can also directly contact personally or via e-mail or through LinkedIn.

Adjust to their time zone

You have to be flexible because you’re the one in need of a job and you have to adjust your holiday requirements and time zone. For an example, if they’re ready for taking your interview at 2 a.m., you have to accept it.

Apply for masters degree in countries with high job prospects for Indian students

This can be said to an easy way to visit a foreign country of your choice. A master’s degree can open more ways for you by making you more employable abroad. You can go for paid internships in the firms having requirement of a candidate similar to your skills. Once after the completion of master’s degree the temporary internship gets converted to a permanent job.

Why do Indian students want to study abroad in the first place?

The reason is that approx 4.9% of the courses of choice of Indian students are not available, 29.2% of the availability of the better education abroad, 40% of the better career and job prospects outside India and 23.7% to settle down abroad.

For getting a job abroad, first and foremost, determining the type of job you like or you want to do is important. After this, deciding the country and place where you want to work, finding a career in which you’re involved.

Apply for a work permit or visa and then editing your resume and localize it and at last, apply for the job. In general, an experience of at least 5 years is required for an Indian to work abroad.

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