What is Affiliate Marketing? How to do Affiliate Marketing?


Today we will know what is Affiliate Marketing and how to do it with complete information (Affiliate Marketing in Hindi) because today’s era is completely revolving around internet service or is being influenced more by the online world. In such a situation, everyone is looking for profit in their business, whether it is online shopping or online promotion or online payment banks, all these companies related to brands, products, schemes, etc. need to market their products.

People who have been blogging for a long time must have heard the name of Affiliate Marketing, but still they hesitate to use it. If you are a good blogger and looking for a good income source then you must know about Affiliate Marketing. Whether it is right for new bloggers to do affiliate marketing on their website or not, many times bloggers find this marketing on their page a bit unethical and they are afraid to do so.

In today’s article, you will know that What is Affiliate Marketing, How Affiliate Marketing Works, How to do Affiliate Marketing, How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing, How to start Affiliate Marketing etc. Know all the information in detail. You will get it, so read the post till the last.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is called “Affiliate Marketing” in Hindi. Affiliate marketing refers to a method of marketing in which profits are made by a business through the marketing efforts of one or more affiliates. Affiliate marketing is the marketing method by which a blogger promotes the products of any company on his website, from which the blogger earns commission.

The commission received by the blogger depends on the type of product and its company. Eg: Fashion and lifestyle products get more commission while electronics and home appliances get less commission. But the question is, can any blogger do Affiliate Marketing on his website? The answer is no, it is not.

To promote any kind of product on your website, it is necessary that at least 5000 visitors/day traffic comes to your blog page. If it is not so and your website is new or has low traffic, then you will not get much profit even after promoting the products.

How to start Affiliate Marketing ?

If your website has an average of 5000 visitors per day, then you can easily start Affiliate Marketing, many people want to earn some money along with their main work on the internet. At the same time, along with a side income source, it also becomes their main business.

There are many ways to earn money on the Internet, out of which the fastest and easiest way is Affiliate Marketing. There are some easy steps to start Affiliate Marketing, by following which you can start Affiliate Marketing on your blog.

1). creating a website or blog

The first step of Affiliate Marketing is to create a good website or blog, so that visitors / traffic can come to it.

2). Select Category and Decide Niche

Affiliates should choose the area and niche on the website that they want to promote. With this, you can perform better by ensuring the category of blogs. Choose the products and Niche and do research about them, if possible, use that product yourself, so that you can easily review it.

3). Sign Up for Affiliate Program

Sign up in Affiliate Programs so that Affiliates can get all the information about those products under Affiliate Program by their Unique ID. like; If you want to promote a product, then you can first put all its information, proper pictures, profit and loss, such things on your blog, you can also put your own experience.

4). Search Product for Review

Also find Affiliate Programs of other products on which you want to review.

5). Make Tutorial or Review Post

Create content that is in tutorial form or in the form of a review post, so that visitors can get practically good information about the product.

6). Page Optimization

Do page optimization and keep tracking your ranking in google, this will give you constant information about your website or blog traffic. You will get more commission as traffic increases. I have explained all the steps in an easy way.

How to do Affiliate Marketing ?

If you want to start Affiliate Marketing, and looking for opportunity, then you can do it very comfortably. For this you have been told some steps, by following which you can earn money from Affiliate Marketing. First of all, go to the Affiliate Page of the company whose Affiliate Program you want to join, for example if you want to join Amazon or Flipkart Affiliate Program, then go there, there will be an option to create a new account where you have to give the following information ;

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Pan Card details
  • Blog or website URL (on which the product is to be promoted.)
  • Payment details

After filling all the information, register the account, after this your blog will be checked by the company, a confirmation mail is sent if the blog is found correct. When you register, after logging in with the generate ID, a dashboard comes, where you get the details of the products, after selecting it, copy the Affiliate Link from there and post it on your website blog, so that people can use that link. Buy the product and you can get a chance to earn commission money.

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