What is Bluetooth? And how does it work?

what is bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that is used to exchange data or audio by connecting devices such as mobile phones, computers and headphones. The main function of Bluetooth is to connect devices without cable.

In today’s blog, I will tell you What is Bluetooth? And how it works?, I will explain in detail.

The name “Bluetooth” is derived from the 10th century Danish king Harald Bluetooth. Who warned the regional factions to work unitedly. Like its name, Bluetooth brings together devices in different industries through its unified communications standard.

Bluetooth Technology

In the year 1994, Bluetooth was invented as a replacement for cables. Bluetooth works on the same frequency of cordless phones, WiFi routers and wireless technology used in the office and at home. Bluetooth creates a 10-meter wireless network called a Personal Area Network (PAN). Bluetooth can make its own network from 2 to 8 devices. With Bluetooth, we can print from one room to another without a cable.

bluetooth technology

Bluetooth gets less power and less cost as compared to WiFi. Due to its low power, it does not allow other wireless devices to interface with the 2.4GHz radio band.

The range and transmission speed of Bluetooth is less than that of WiFi. With version 3.0+HS of Bluetooth, the device can transfer data up to 24 Mbps, which is higher than the 802.11b WiFi standard. But it is less than Wireless-a and Wireless-g standard. As technology has developed, the speed of Bluetooth has also increased.

Connecting with Bluetooth

We get to see Bluetooth in-built in many mobile devices but in some PCs and other devices we do not get Bluetooth. In such a situation, we can use Bluetooth through Dongle.

The process of connecting two Bluetooth devices together is called pairing. Typically two devices broadcast their Bluetooth presence to each other. After that Available Bluetooth Devices will be shown on the device of the users, users have to select the Bluetooth device to which they want to connect. During Bluetooth Connecting, we can also be asked to enter a code in our device, which makes it easy for us to connect the right device.

This pairing process of Bluetooth may be different depending on the device. The process of pairing a Bluetooth device between an iPad and a car may be different.

connecting with bluetooth

Bluetooth Limit

There are also some downsides to this wireless technology. We can increase the range of Bluetooth only up to 30 feet. And if there is a wall, ceiling or floor between the Bluetooth devices, then this range can also be reduced.

The pairing process of Bluetooth is also a bit difficult. This process may take more or less time depending on the device. So it can frustrate us while connecting.

is Bluetooth Secure?

Bluetooth is a Secure Wireless Technology if it is used with utmost care. The Bluetooth connected device also shifts the radio frequency which prevents network attacks from occurring.

We also get many types of settings in Bluetooth, so that users can control the Bluetooth connection. With the Service Level Security of Bluetooth, you can also block other activities happening on the phone.

If seen, there is bound to be some risk with any wireless technology. Hackers have created many types of malware that use Bluetooth networking.

There is no risk for a common man with Bluetooth as long as he uses it carefully. If you want complete security, then you can also disable it if you are not using it.

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