What is Digital Marketing?: The Comprehensive Guide


Digital marketing has become a term you’ve probably heard from a street banner, TV ad, Youtube video, or anywhere else!

But, what is this Digital Marketing after all? Is this a course? if yes? So does it have any benefit in future or not?

You will find answers to all these questions in this blog, that too in very simple language!

So let’s start with the first question!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing simply means using digital things or goods to reach your products, services, brand name to the people or say marketing!

As modern devices are coming in the market people are making them their necessity like take mobile phone only!

This thing was understood by the marketers that how they can connect with the people and sell their goods or services to the people! And the answer was to connect to their devices before them!

In today’s time, every person wants to do everything from his home without any hard work, such as Food Order, Movie Ticket Booking, Hotel Booking, and many more!

Understanding this problem, companies have created such websites and applications after coming to the Internet, so that you can order from food to clothes sitting at home!

Simply put, using the Internet and modern equipment to reach more people who are able to buy your goods or services, this is called digital marketing!

Importance of Digital Marketing

In today’s changing era, digital marketing has become the need of every small to big business because a large number of people have become digital i.e. have become accustomed to modern tools!

But, 4 major importance of digital marketing are as follows:-

Online Reputation: –

If your reputation on the Internet is not good, then believe me you may have to face many difficulties in the coming time! Because in today’s time, from restaurant to doctor’s clinic, after searching online, people like to go and watch only after seeing the ratings! That’s why whatever your business is, digital marketing is your need!

Increasing number of Internet users:-

The speed with which the use of internet is increasing all over the world, the need of digital marketing is also increasing. You absolutely cannot give up on your new customers as well as your old ones, so digital marketing is essential so that you can grab the attention of both new and old customers!

Reach to the right audience: –

Through digital marketing, you can show your business to only those people who are able to take your product or service in the right way! If you also run a Facebook Ad, then Facebook will only charge money for showing the ad to the people you want to show!

Fast process:-

Real time results come in internet marketing i.e. decisions are visible at the same time! This is a very fast way to grow your business!

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The reason behind the rapid spread of digital marketing all over the world is its benefits! Although there are many benefits of digital marketing, some of the main benefits are listed below:-

Reach target audience

Through digital marketing, you can find and reach your target audience from social media to any other online platform!

Big platforms like Google or Facebook allow you to run paid ads, through which you can directly show your ad to a competent target audience!

Apart from this, search engines like Google, Bing, Youtube give you your target audience for free if you do SEO of your website or Youtube channel well!


Suppose you put up a banner to market your business on a highway! So you have to pay for that every month too!

Now in reality your target audience must be passing through that highway but those people will also be passing who will be unable to take your product or service!

That is, you are showing that banner even to those people from whom you do not benefit, but you are spending money every month to show them that banner!

But, this does not happen in digital marketing, you spend money only to show your ad to those people who can really buy your product or service! That’s why digital marketing works at a low cost!

Tracking Benefit

In the old marketing method, you did not get the facility to track your consumers! Like how many people saw your ad banner or how many people came to you after seeing it!

Such records or data helps you to understand better how you can stay connected with your consumers and what they like the most that you can give and grow your business!

It is available only in digital marketing, in which you get many more valuable information like ad impressions, ad clicks, through which you can not only optimize your ads but also improve your online content!

Retargeting Benefits

One of the best benefits of digital marketing is the benefit of retargeting! You can target the same person repeatedly as per your wish, that is, you can show your ad!

The advantage of this is that when the same person sees your ad again and again, then his confidence in your brand increases.

Also, as trust increases, the chances of him buying something from you increase. That’s why retargeting is a great feature of digital marketing!

Faster Than Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing works much faster than traditional marketing! Because everything travels very quickly from one place to another via the Internet, people react very quickly!

On the other hand, traditional marketing works very slowly and it also takes a lot of effort!

Real-Time Results

Since, digital marketing is done through the Internet, then we get the option of insights on every platform! These insights allow us to see the results in real-time!

Through these insights, you can see from your business pages to ads, how many people are joining your brand or how many new or old people have come back to your page or how many people have clicked on your ad!

Apart from this, who came to your website, where did it come from, how long it stayed, you also get all this in insights.

Each platform gives the option of different insights like Facebook different, Youtube different, etc.!

All this is shown as soon as your users love you, hence it is called Real-Time Results!

Future of Digital Marketing

As the world is getting modernized the need and demand of digital marketing is increasing rapidly in the world! Every business to non-profit organization needs internet marketing to reach its target people!

The number of internet users is increasing every year all over the world! If we talk about India only, then from 2015 to 2018 internet users have increased in lakhs.

This modernization is increasing and will continue to grow! Seeing this, it would not be wrong to say that the future of digital marketing or internet marketing is very bright! Even in the current circumstances, the value of digital marketers has increased a lot!

Types of Digital Marketing

In fact, digital marketing sounds like only one technique, but it also has many types and each technology type requires a little different skill!

What are these types and what are the specialties in them, let’s discuss about it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a technique of digital marketing in which you make some such changes in your website which makes your website favorable for search engines like Google, Bing etc.

If the search engines will understand your website better and better, then whenever an unknown person is looking for any online content and you have put the content related to that keyword on your website, then the search engines will show your website at the first number!

This is how SEO works and it is a very big topic, but once SEO is learned, you can bring thousands or millions of people to your website for free!

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing means promoting your brand, product or service by running ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

In this, you give money to these social media platforms according to your ads and further these platforms show that ad with your set limitations like age, gender, location etc.!

Every social media platform has a different audience and their nature is also different! But, once you know how to do social media marketing, you can get a job or even start your own business!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

As you read above that through SEO you can bring thousands or millions of targeted people to your website! But, this method takes time and the nature of some businesses is not such that they can stay for that long!

In such a situation, search engine marketing is such a method that is paid but very fast and effective! In this, you pay search engines to make your ad visible to your target audience, just like in social media marketing!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a successful digital marketing technique that is still used by big brands to build relationships with their users!

Email marketing is also a huge topic and a difficult skill to learn! Anyone can easily get a job or start their own business with email marketing!

Be sure that there are many such companies in India whose entire business started with email marketing or is based on email marketing only!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means when you sell a company’s product or service, the company gives you some commission!

There are many companies that give their affiliate partner program a chance to join krne and give you the opportunity to earn money!

There are many ways to do Affiliate Marketing, which you can learn online and earn money sitting at home!

Influencer Marketing

A person who has a fan following in thousands or millions online is called an online influencer!

When a brand comes to get its marketing done by such influencer for its marketing like promoting a product or service, then it is called Influencer Marketing!

If you also create a community online then the brands will contact you to do the marketing themselves!

One thing you will find in common among all these is the requirement of ingredients. Good online content is essential to reach and impress people!

Without good online content you will not be able to be successful in your digital marketing strategy!

Digital Marketing Institute

If you also want to get into digital marketing and are looking for institute to do digital marketing course, then please pay attention here once!

Digital marketing is a world which is based on technology and we know how fast technology changes!

Take our phone only, how many updates keep coming in it every day and without these updates we cannot even use our mobile properly!

So is digital marketing! There are so many updates in it that you have to keep up with them or else you will not be able to survive in this industry!

Now the truth is that digital marketing institutes claim that after taking their course, you will also learn digital marketing completely and your job will also be done easily!

But, nothing like that happens! Even after doing courses from good digital marketing institutes, people are not able to find jobs, nor can they learn something from which they can start some work of their own!

The reason for this is the outdated courses of digital marketing which these institutes sell as fresh courses! Because new updates keep coming in digital marketing every day, then you yourself should think that after all these institutes can update their courses every day?

Digital Marketing jobs in India

There is no shortage of jobs in digital marketing, but the condition is that you should have the ability to grow a business! If you have the ability then there will be a job queue for you!

As both private and government jobs are available in every field, this is not the case in digital marketing at the moment!

Right now only private jobs are available in digital marketing, not government! But, it is possible that in the coming time government jobs in India for internet marketing may also come out!

Freelancing in Digital Marketing

Freelancing is a big demand of the times to come and there is a huge demand for freelancers in digital marketing too! Whether it is SEO Experts, Social Media Marketers, or anything else!

Along with earning money in freelancing, you can spend time with your family by staying at your home! But, getting freelance projects in the initial days is not an easy task as no company can rely on a new marketer!

In such a situation, it can be difficult for you to take a freelance project in digital marketing!

Freelance Projects by Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing means the marketing that you do from the front through the words you say with your mouth! Such as referring to a friend or relative about an item or service.

Tell as much about yourself as possible to relatives and friends that you do digital marketing, believe me, this method is very effective!

Because this art is very innovative and people do not know about it and they also need a digital marketer so every small company will trust that digital marketer that someone has referred about!

So don’t be shy or hide but tell everyone! As a marketer, if you do not market yourself, then how will you be able to market to others?

Freelance Projects by Digital Marketing

Now you can also take projects of digital marketing through digital marketing like through email marketing or just by creating a one page website and running ads on it! Apart from this, there are many other methods that you can use to take up a freelance project!

This technique is also successful but it requires a little investment in the initial days! If you have money to invest then you must go with this method!


Digital marketing is a skill that will become the need of every business in the times to come and if you become proficient in it then surely you can fulfill your every dream and live a better life!

Learn the right skills in digital marketing according to your ability and hobby and after hone it, fulfill your hobbies by earning money!

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