What is Online Study and How to Study Online from Smartphone

What is Online Study and How to Study Online from Smartphone

Human beings have been creating new ways of learning since the beginning. From cards to stones and from blackboards to computer screens. Our knowledge has become a medium to satisfy our thirst.

According to Lord Buddha, this world is impermanent.

Meaning nothing is going to last. Everything is changing, disappearing.

following the same rule. Education industry (Education sector) is also changing and making itself digital.

This work has accelerated the most in the 21st century. And now education has moved on the digital path. That is, education is now becoming digital education.

Now you may ask what exactly is this digital education? Is online study a form of this? How will online study affect the way we learn?

How many such questions would be coming in your mind?

Therefore, I am giving detailed information about digital education in this online study guide. So that you can get information about online study.

What is Online Study ?

Studying through internet means is called online study. It is a type of distance education. Students and teachers depend on the Internet to communicate with each other and to distribute educational materials. This digital way of studying is very popular.

After reading the definition of online study, you must have understood that what is online study?

If, in simple words, learning or reading through the Internet is called online learning (another name for online study).

Online Study is also known as Online Learning, E-Learning, Computer-Based Learning, Web-Based Learning, Internet-Based Learning, Mobile Learning (M-Learning), Virtual learning is known by many names etc.

Under this system of education, there is no face-to-face between students and teachers/trainers. Rather, they stay at their respective places of residence. And from there they talk to each other.

Teachers deliver notes, lectures, etc. to the students sitting at home through internet means. Students access this study material through an internet enabled device.

Techniques like live chat, group discussion, video conferencing are used for doubt resolution. That is, a classroom-like atmosphere is prepared. It is different that they interact only virtual.

This digital education technology benefits both students and teachers [I call them Digicher (Digital + Teacher = Digicher)]. Saves precious time for both. Which they can use to study.

By the way, I have mentioned below the benefits of online study.

How to Study Online ?

Now the question comes that how is online learning done? What tools are required for online learning?

The answer to both these questions depends. Level of education and educational institution.

  • Level of Education – By this I mean what level of studies do you want to study. Because, our education is divided into many levels. like; School (Primary, Middle, Secondary), College, University, Professional etc.
  • Education Institute – Second, the institute in which you want to start online studies. What is the need of the courses produced by him? If the courses are of traditional education then you may need a variety of tools. Courses developed to improve skills can be completed only through internet enabled devices.

Online study is done sitting at home. For this online classes have to be attended. Which are hosted by educational institutions. Students are tested through some activities and quizzes during the class itself.

That is, students and teachers are connected to each other through the Internet from their respective places.

Now the question comes that what tools are needed to study online?

Since, I am writing this guide for the students. Hence, here only the tools required for online admission to certificate collection are available. The tools required to prepare the courses have not been included here.

Tools needed to attend online classes

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Smartphone or Tablet
  • Internet Connection
  • Video Calling & Conferencing Tools
  • Note Taking Apps
  • Digital Literacy Skills

Computer or Laptops

This is the basic tool for attending online classes. Through this, a student is able to connect with his study material and teacher.

Therefore, a cheap but functional computer must be there. If you want to study online.

There is already a guide on this site that tells you how to help you with this task. How to buy a new computer?

Smartphone or Tablets

Nowadays technology has become so fast and advanced that the work which was earlier done on the computer. The same thing can be done today through smartphones.

Almost all online study portals have a mobile version or a mobile app. Therefore, you can attend online classes through smartphone or tablet as well.

You can access the classes by purchasing any smartphone of your choice. And you can also enjoy studying by going to the garden.

Mobile phone screen is small. This can be a problem for some students. Therefore, it would have been better if such students studied through computer or laptop instead of mobile.

I will also advise all the students to use computer or laptop to attend online classes. The reason for this is not only the big screen. Rather, there are many other conveniences that are not available on a mobile device.

However, features like Highlight, Notes Maker, Bookmarks, Translate are provided in mobile apps. Still, the openness and convenience that comes with a computer. Mobile is not able to match it.

Internet Connection

You have a computer as well as a smartphone. But, without internet you cannot do anything.

Therefore, it is very important for you to have an active internet connection. Otherwise you will be deprived of attending classes.

Your work will also be done with the internet data pack present in the mobile. With which you will be able to access the net in the computer as well.

Keep one thing in mind, you have to pay its cost. Don’t rely on the teacher or the school/college. Therefore, use the Internet in an economical way. Download only necessary videos, graphics. Do not waste internet and time unnecessarily.

Video Calling & Video Conferencing Tools

These apps allow you to talk face-to-face with the teacher/trainer. Well, they don’t need much. However, video calling apps become the primary tool for attending live classes.

Live classes are accessed through video conferencing apps. Therefore, I am giving the names of some important apps below. Which you can install and keep in your mobile phone and computer. Some can also be accessed through a web browser.

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live

Note Taking Apps

If you are taking online classes then you will have to make notes online as well. You will also need tools for this work. Some students prefer to make notes in notebooks in the same way as in the old way i.e. classroom study.

If you are also one of them then you do not need any note maker tools.

This tool is for all those students who would like to make notes online. I am only to name a few. You can find and install your favorite note maker tool from hundreds of apps on the internet.

  • Evernote
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Google Keeps
  • Simplenote

Digital Literacy Skills

You have gathered all the tools. If you do not know how to use them, then how will you do online class adant?

There should be normal use of computer, smartphone, software and mobile apps. This skill is called digital literacy. So, you should come to do the following things.

  • Start and Shutdown Computer
  • Creating, Saving Files/Folders
  • install software
  • Downloading/Uploading Files from the Internet
  • send email, reply
  • Adding and Printing Printers
  • Basic working on softwares etc.

According to me, with these basic e-learning tools, you are better prepared to attend any online class. Still the course you are doing. So don’t forget to read the “Requirement” information on that course page.

You can also take some knowledge related to digital literacy from these tutorials.

Advantages and disadvantages of online study

Online learning is new right now. It will take time to get acquainted with people to understand. Due to which the feeling of mistrust towards e-learning is high.

Hence, advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons of online study in hindi, merits and demerits of online learning in hindi etc. on daily online study on Google.

Such questions are asked. But, let me tell you. E-learning is the future. Heed my words. It’s just the beginning. Therefore, the atmosphere is not created.

As technology develops, people will see the benefits, if they get the facility, then trust will be built on online learning.

Well let’s talk about what are the benefits of online learning?

Benefits of online study

#1 Convenient

Online learning is convenient. You can learn wherever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to follow a schedule like classroom learning.

As I mentioned above, e-learning is dependent on e-means. So you can make any device with internet as your classroom. And also start attending classes from the place you like.

Learners love attending virtual classes. Because now they are attending classes even after eating popcorn. ?

#2 Availability at all times

E-learning is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That is, the formula of 24x7x365 is applicable to e-learning. Your class is always saved on the cloud.

You open the website or app, login and start learning. That’s all one has to do. Learning does not stop in any weather, storm, rain, summer or winter. Even if some festival or festival comes, the class continues. That is, there is no holiday, if you do not want then.

#3 No minimum educational qualification required

There is no minimum educational qualification requirement to enroll in most of the online courses. Therefore, students are able to pursue the course of their choice.

But on the contrary, in classroom learning, it is mandatory for you to complete the minimum education to take further classes or to do a particular course. Only then you can take admission in the course.

#4 Variety of courses

Variety of courses are available in online learning. From Science to Arts. From Self Improvement to Professional. All types of courses are available.

Along with this, traditional courses run by universities are also available. But, their number is very less. Only select courses are offered online.

You can find online courses on hundreds of subjects on the Swayam portal run by the Government of India. Similarly, you have more than 1 lakh courses available on Udemy Learning Portal.

From these statistics, you can get an idea of ​​how much diversity there is in online learning.

#5 Time Saving

The biggest advantage of online learning is time saving. Yes. Therefore, I prefer to learn online myself. And I have done about a dozen courses.

You don’t have to do chores like getting ready in the morning, having breakfast, preparing bags. Nor do you have to go to school/college to study.

Just pick up the laptop or mobile and start learning as soon as you login to the site. You can spend this time in learning and you can also take out some time for yourself. Which is not possible at all in classroom study.

#6 Interesting and innovative

E-learning is more interactive. That is, the connection of the learners (you) is more with the teacher (Digicher) than in the classroom and you learn more carefully than before.

You can understand the same topic in different ways. If a historical event is shown through a film, then it is not boring to read history.

Because apart from study material books, video is available in CD, audio, graphics etc. medium. Therefore, learning feels more interesting and fun.

#7 E-learning is affordable

E-learning is very cheap as compared to traditional education. You can learn new skills even in just 99 rupees. Hundreds of free courses are available.

It is cheap but not lightweight.

Don’t ignore it. You learn that skill for free. The skills which you will not get to learn in any traditional institute even for money.

Discounts are also offered from time to time on some portals. Then you can buy your favorite course very cheap.

I repeat again. Do not forget to ignore it knowing it is cheap.

#8 Opportunity for all

This topic is a bit off topic. But it is important to include it.

Under the Indian Constitution, all human beings are equal and they have been given the right of equal opportunity by the Constitution.

But, traditional educational institutions mostly give more preference to rich people. There nepotism prevails. Therefore, poor and talented students are also deprived of good education.

This gap can be filled through distance education. Because, here you can complete the courses of not only India but also foreign universities sitting at home.

Students who are unable to complete their studies just because of money. E-learning is a boon for them.

#9 More reach

The reach of online study is very far. Where the school cannot reach, the whole university reaches there.

From villages, towns, cities to remote mountainous areas, online education has access. Therefore, the reach of online learning is much more than that of classroom education.

These are some of the benefits of e-learning to me. If you think there is something missing, then do let me know through comments. So that I can add it here.

Let us now also know the disadvantages of online study.

Disadvantages of online study

#1 Lack of discipline

Online learning can destroy the discipline of the students. Because, there is no one to stop and interrupt them. They attend classes as per their wish.

Hence, the student who lacks self-discipline. He is not very successful in e-learning. E-learning requires a lot of self-motivation and self-discipline.

#2 Doesn’t suit every subject

You cannot learn practical subjects like medical, geography, law etc. subjects online. For this you have to come in the field itself.

Therefore, online learning is limited. And it is suitable for only a few subjects.

#3 Must be tech savvy

It is said that no one comes after learning from the mother’s stomach.

Nevertheless, for online learning, it is mandatory for the learners to have knowledge of some basic technology. Only then they can successfully take full advantage of e-learning.

Therefore, any student who wants to study online has to become digitally literate first. Only then he can study online.

#4 No direct contact with the trainer

Online learning is done by your teacher sitting miles away. Whom you never meet. You never get to meet your trainer.

Personal solder is lacking in this area. Hence, it proves to be less beneficial for some students.

#5 No study environment

Studying at home Meaning, keeping yourself hidden in some corner of the house or sitting imprisoned in the room.

Yes. You need a secluded environment while attending online classes. Therefore, you can study alone. Your classmates are studying from their place. Classroom atmosphere is not found in online study.

#6 Lack of quality

Most of the online education portals are private. And run for profit. Therefore, there is an emphasis on selling and producing as many courses as possible.

Here the qualification, expertise of the teacher is not tested. And the information that is given is also filled by the teacher himself. Therefore, less reliable.

Due to this exemption and the lack of public publication of the standards of course creation, e-learning is always accused of quality. From which it is hardly possible to get rid of it.

But, as much hype. There is much less truth than that. this is what I think. Because I have seen online courses. Still, I will not say with full confidence that online courses are better than classroom courses.

#8 Cheating Chance

Students are assessed during e-learning. Then there is every possibility of cheating. Trainers cannot stop students from cheating.

Well, nowadays many new tools have come. However, it is not guaranteed to be completely safe.

#9 More focus on theoretical studies

I also mentioned above that only theoretical subjects are taught online. You cannot study practical subjects online.

For practical you need tools, and equipments which cannot be made available online.

#10 Injurious to health

Continuously looking at the mobile or computer screen can cause a lot of damage to the eyes.

Apart from this, back pain, headache, stress are some of the common physical and mental problems that can happen during online study.

Health is badly affected due to limited physical activity.

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