What is Software ? Definition, Types and Examples


If you have used a smartphone or computer, then it is obvious that you will be familiar with the software. If you don’t know what is software, then knowingly unknowingly you must have used the software.

Nowadays, there are many such software on the Internet for smartphones and computers, which make our work easier.

Software is very useful for us. Today we depend on software for many of our tasks. By using software, we not only save our precious time and are also able to do the tasks well.

Through software, we are able to do many things in a very short time. It is not only useful for us, but it is also a means of earning for companies and people who make software.

Software makers, companies and users also earn a lot from them. So let’s know the definition of software.

What is Software?

Software is a collection of instructions that enable the user to perform tasks on the computer and hardware. Software can be used only if you have the hardware. It is impossible to operate a computer without software.

For example, if you want to run the Internet on your computer, then first of all your computer should have an operating system. Some of the major operating systems used in the computer are Windows, Linux etc.

Apart from this, your computer must have a web browser to run the Internet. Web browser is a software with the help of which you can give instructions to the computer and take its output.

Similarly, if you want to click photos from your mobile, then it is necessary to have camera software in your mobile. For which it is necessary to have a mobile camera, which is a hardware using which we can click photos. Read how to make software from here.

Usability of Software

Software is very useful for us, it is not easy to describe its uses. Different software are used differently in different fields.

Software is used in every other place where most of the computers are used. Apart from this, different types of software are made for different devices so that those devices can be operated.

For example, as you go to all ATMs, you see that a display is installed there. As soon as you put your ATM card in it, some pictures appear on the display, all this is done through the software, after that you operate the software by pressing the button.

Due to which some information goes to the machine and the machine gives output and thus the machine receives information about working.

Apart from this, software is also being used extensively in educational institutions. Today there are many software available for different platforms which can be used by any person to get education.

Along with this, the commercial use of software is also happening in great quantity. Software is being used in different businesses.

For example, it is used in film production, music production, photo editing, bill making, besides other fields.

Types of Software

Although there are many types of software, but the following are the main four types of software.

1. Application Software

Application software is the software through which we can do any work. This is the most common type of computer software, it is also called end user program.

Because through this the user can directly do the work he wants. Examples of application software are MS WORD, PAINT, INTERNET EXPLORER, VIDEO PLAYER etc.

If you want to use the Internet, then you can directly connect to the Internet using Internet Explorer.

2. System Software

System software is the software without which no other software can be installed in your system.

All types of operating systems such as Windows, Android, Mac OS, etc. come under the system software. Within this you can install the application software.

3. Utility Software

Utility software is such software present in your system. Utility software is also called service program, which manages and protects your computer’s resources and is not in direct contact with the hardware.

Some examples of utility software are Disk Defragmenter, Antivirus software, which are used to keep the computer secure.

4. Programming Software

Programming software are some special types of software, which are used very rarely by the common people, they are mostly used by software developers or web developers.

With the help of programming software, new software can be created by programming, which is used in different types of tasks. Some of the major examples of programming software are Flosum, UltraEdit, Buddy, Notepad++, etc.

How does the Software work?

Till now you have known what is software and how many types are there, but now you will know how software works.

Before running any software, you must have the file of that software.

After this you will install the file of that software in your system, after installing all the files of that software are saved in your hard disk.

After this, as soon as you launch that software, the files from the hardware go to your RAM. After this, those files are sent to the processor through RAM, after which that software is launched. After this the software takes input from the user then after processing the input you get the output.

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