What is Wifi Calling (Voice Over Wi-Fi Calling) and How To Do Wifi Calling

What is Wifi Calling (Voice Over Wi-Fi Calling) and How To Do Wifi Calling

Have you ever thought that calls can be made even without network in the phone. Absolutely it can be done, because now a new technology of Wifi calling has come, so that you can make calls from Wifi. Yes friends, Wifi Calling has become a very popular topic nowadays. Most of the companies are working on this new Wi-Fi calling or Voice over Wi-Fi technology and are moving forward to make it a success. Not only this, India’s big telecom companies like Jio and Airtel have started VoWifi calling facility in India, with the help of which you can make free calls even with the help of Wifi.

Let you know that Wifi calling (Voice over Wi-Fi Calling) is such a feature, with the help of which we can make video or video to anyone for free through the available wifi using the same number even in case of no network in our phone’s SIM. Can make voice calls. Today we will discuss this topic in this post and know about WiFi calling very well.

So if you also want to do Calling without Sim Card, then this post is for you, read it completely. In this, you will be given complete information about Wi-Fi Calling such as what is Voice Over Wi-Fi Calling or WiFi Calling, how can it be done and what are its advantages and disadvantages. We will know about all these in this post. So let’s start and know what is Voice Over Wi-Fi Calling – VOWifi calling and how to do Wi-Fi calling –

What is Wifi Calling (Voice over Wi-Fi Calling) and how to do Wifi calling

What is Wifi Calling?

Due to running out of balance, you must have faced such a problem at some point of time that you have to make an urgent call and at the same time you can make a call even if there is no balance in your mobile. Regarding this, telecom companies launched WiFi Calling service for the ease of the people, in which you can call anyone through Wi-Fi without balance without network.

First of all, Wi-Fi Calling was started by Airtel, after that gradually all the telecom companies are bringing WiFi service. So first of all let us know that this WiFi Calling Service Wi-Fi Calling means Voice over WiFi service so that you can call anyone without any network. For this, you will have to activate WiFi Calling service, as if you can use WiFi of your home, office or public, you can also use WiFi. You can make Voice Call or Video Call to whomever you want by connecting to that WiFi.

How Wifi Calling Works

To use it, you must have a new phone because the Wi-Fi Calling works through a hardware that comes inside the new mobile phone, just as your mobile will have a camera as hardware, only then you can click the photo. able to do In the same way, it is necessary to have Wi-Fi Calling hardware in your mobile which is available only in new mobiles.

You do not need any network for Wi-Fi Calling. You can call anyone from any WiFi connection. For this, your mobile should have the latest version of the operating system and there should be a fisher of Wi-Fi Calling in the settings inside your mobile, which you can enable and do Wi-Fi Calling.

You do not need to download any additional apps for Wi-Fi Calling. You will be able to make voice and video calls even without downloading any app.

How to do Wifi Calling

Making Wi-Fi Calling is super easy. Just you have to enable some setting inside your mobile, after that you can call whenever you want, that too without balance.

  • First of all you have to go to your mobile’s settings
  • There you will find a connection option. Inside that you will get WiFi option, then first of all enable it.
  • You can connect your mobile to any home office or public WiFi.
  • Under the option of WiFi, you will find the option of Wi-Fi Calling, make sure to enable it.
  • Now you can make voice and video calls through Wi-Fi just like you make a normal voice call.
  • By going to your dial pad and note down the number of the person you want to call, you will be able to call him.
    In this you will be able to make video calls as well as voice calls.

Benefits of Wifi Calling

So now we have learned about Wi-Fi Calling and also how we can do it. We have come to know about the same, so now we know what are the benefits of whom.

  • Sometimes it happens that we go to a place where the SIM card we have does not have a network, due to which we cannot call anyone, then at this time Wi-Fi Calling so you can easily Can call anyone.
  • Even if your balance is exhausted, you will still be able to call anyone else through Wi-Fi Calling.
  • As Jio gives you minutes for calling, sometimes what happens suddenly ends and we do not even know, then at that time you will be able to call easily using Wi-Fi Calling.
  • If there is a WiFi network around you, then by not getting recharged in your mobile, you will also be able to use internet and calling in your mobile through that Wi-Fi.
  • For this you do not need to install any software, you can use Wi-Fi Calling without any software.

Disadvantages of Wifi Calling

Although there is no such harm to Wi-Fi Calling, yet you may suffer from it which is like this –

  • If you do not have a new mobile in which Wi-Fi Calling supports, then you will buy a new phone for Wi-Fi Calling, then it will prove to be a loss for you because by not getting the balance, you can use a mobile for WiFi. are buying.
  • For Wi-Fi Calling, it is necessary to have a balance in your mobile, no matter how much it is low or high, it will not make any difference. But it is necessary to have balance in your mobile.
  • In this, you will not be able to call in flight mode or without a SIM card. It is necessary to have a SIM card for your Wi-Fi Calling and it is very important to have some balance in it.

Tips for Wifi Calling

  • Use it only if you have a device that supports Wi-Fi Calling.
  • For Wi-Fi Calling, you should not buy a new device, whatever mobile you have, balance it and use it.
  • If Wi-Fi Calling is not supported in your mobile, then you will be able to make voice or video calls through WhatsApp or any other app without buying a new device, use the same.

So friends, this was WiFi technology, so that you can call or call anyone anywhere through wifi, that too for absolutely free, without any charge. Just as you talk with the help of voice tariff plan in sim, similarly with the help of this feature you will be able to make calls with the help of data. Wifi calling technology will help people a lot and it will be more capable in your time. So, if you also want to take advantage of WiFi calling or VoWifi calling or want to try using it, then you can try wifi call with the information given by us now.

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